Jellastone Pet Park








For drop off and pick up animals you will be welcome:
Monday through Saturday
between 7.30-10.00
and between 16.00-18.00
Always by appointment. Read the terms.

As of January 1, 2015 opening adjustment; no drop off and pick up on Sundays and holidays.

• bring your dog with collar and leash on
• your animal has been treated against ticks and fleas
• enter your own food
• prepay
• make written instructions about food and care
• Phonenumbers, emailaddress
• bring medicines
• vacination booklet(s)

Pet boarding agreement dogs

This information is provided so that you, the pet owner, have an understanding of the benefits and risks associated with dog boarding. By signing and returning this form, you agree to accept these risks.

1. When your dog is in our care, there are few opportunities for your dog to interact with other dogs in the kennel and all interactions cannot be prevented. Some dogs, even when boarded with mates, may react atypically. Sometimes tussles and fights can break out. Attempts will be made to prevent such behavior. However, Jellastone Pet Park cannot be held responsible for injuries, illness, death, and/or escape while dogs are boarded. Dogs that dig, chew on fencing, exhibit obsessive compulsive behavior (licking, barking, pacing) may injure themselves. Jellastone Pet Park will not be held liable for injury resulting from such behavior. Owner assumes responsibility and will pay for damages to persons and property done by their pet(s) while on Jellastone Pet Park's property.

2. Dogs will, at times, have access to outside, fenced areas, and Jellastone Pet Park will not be held liable if your dog(s) escape from climbing, jumping, or digging.

3. Dogs not regularly exposed to much activity may develop muscle soreness, blisters, fatigue, and other aches/pains. Sometimes they may develop abrasions to their feet.
Try to maintain a healthy toenail length. Excessively long nails may cause injury to the dogs. Let us know if you notice any problems, and we will try to adjust your dog's activity level.

4. Water will be available at all times, but your dog may still be thirsty when you bring him/her home. Try to limit excessive water intake, as it may cause stomach upset.

5. All dogs must be picked up as scheduled, unless prior arrangements have been made. If no contact is made by the owner for pick-up, your dog will be boarded for up to one week. The Owner will be responsible for all charges. Jellastone Pet Park will consider the dog abandoned after one week, and Jellastone Pet Park may, at Jellastone Pet Park's discretion, place, sell, or euthanize the dog.

6. By signing this agreement, you, the dog owner, agree that you are solely responsible for any harm caused to or by your dog while boarded at Jellastone Pet Park, and you release Jellastone Pet Park from any and all liability arising from your dog's actions. Any and all necessary veterinary care required and costs incurred as a result of any incident while boarded will be the sole responsibility of you, the pet owner.
Reasonable attempts will be made to contact the owner if an incident requiring medical attention occurs, but if no contact can be made, Jellastone Pet Park will have the pet treated by a veterinarian of Jellastone Pet Park's choosing, and all costs shall be the sole responsibility of the pet owner.

I acknowledge and accept that all the above policies refer to boarding, and this agreement serves as accepting these conditions for one or both services.

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