Jellastone Pet Park








For drop off and pick up animals you will be welcome:
Monday through Saturday
between 8.00-10.00
and between 17.00-18.00
Always by appointment. Read the terms.

As of January 1, 2015 opening adjustment; no drop off and pick up on Sundays and holidays.

• bring your dog with collar and leash on
• your animal has been treated against ticks and fleas
• enter your own food
• prepay
• make written instructions about food and care
• Phonenumbers, emailaddress
• bring medicines
• vacination booklet(s)


Pricing January 1 2024.
Prices per day$
(incl. 6% ABB, food is not included)
Cats or mini dog:
    1 cat or mini dog8.00
    more cats or mini dogs each6.50
medium dogs:
    1 dog12.00
    More dogs each9.50
large dogs:
    1 dog18.00
    More dogs each15.50
Frontline, Ivomec or Comfortis:
Depends on weight of the dog and the price for which the frontline will be sold at the vet at that time.


The food for the animal(s) you have to bring yourself for the whole period of time that the animal(s) stay at our Pet Hotel.
Be aware that sometimes pets are more active at our place and that we probably have to feed more then what you feed at your home. Please bring some more food than normally expected.


The total hotel price must be paid in advance in cash. We don't have facility for electronic payments.


If you want to calculate the costs for accommodation, fill in the blank boxes. And click calculate.
since 1/1/2024 Number of Price Days Amount
Cats $
Mini dog (XS,S) $
Dogs (M,L) $
Large dogs (XL & E) $
Total dog and large dogs
Total including tax to pay $
Tax 6%

What category does your dog fall under?

The varieties mentioned serve as an example.
  • mini dog (XS):
    small breed such as teacup chihuahua, mini dachshund, toy poodle, chih tsu, yorky terrier or crosses of such dogs up to normal adult weight of 4 kg
  • small dog (S):
    poodles, jack russell terrier, mini pinchers or crossbreeds up to normal adult weight of 7 kg.
  • medium dog (M):
    standard dachshund, cocker spaniel and anything with adult weight between 7 and 15 kg.
  • dog standard type (L):
    adult weight up to 30 kg
  • large dogs (XL):
    adult weight over 30 kg
  • exceptions (E):
    • dogs of M or L size that are very strong/powerful and therefore cannot be placed unsupervised in a joint group with sociable normal dogs or medium dogs.
    • dogs that are aggressive towards other dogs
    • unneutered males
    • bitches in heat
    • dogs with climbing, escape or demolition urge